• Lynn Peters

Small, Positive Changes

'How do you eat an elephant?'

'Bite by bite...'

Sometimes, the thought of becoming fit again can be quite overwhelming. People do not know where to start and will often go into a new exercise and diet routine which results in fatigue or injury. This then prevents further exercise and certainly scuppers any intentions of healthy eating!

The trouble is, after a failed attempt or two, it becomes an enormous challenge. Almost as large a task as how to eat an elephant! (metaphorically, of course).

When I have a large task to complete, I always remember one of my past tutors saying that you just have to start a task. You can prepare yourself for weeks but sometimes it is easier just to make one small change.

If I was to ask you if it would be easier to lose two stone and become fit or to stop snacking after 7pm - which would be the most achievable? Once you have stopped the snacking for a couple of weeks, it will become the normal for you and you can add another little change in, such as walking for 10 mins during your lunch break.

Small, positive changes can lead to huge benefits and best of all, if introduced slowly, are sustainable.

If you are not happy with your current fitness level, why not just set yourself an achievable goal, such as parking a little further from work or doing one squat and one push up in the morning (increasing by one of each every other day).

If you would like to improve your diet you could add drinking more water, not snack after a certain time or even change what you snack on. 

Nothing has to be an enormous task - just make positive little changes and see where it takes you!

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