• Lynn Peters

Osteopathy - The Ultimate in Upcycling

The Oxford English Dictionary defines Upcycle as 'Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the original.

As you are probably aware, we have recently opened our clinic and it really has been a labour of love. The premises that we chose really did not fit in with my vision of a sleek, clinical practice - on the contrary, there was artex on the ceilings and some walls, coving (!), a massive mirror along one of the walls and it basically looked like we had time travelled back to the 1980's.

Because the location was amazing my husband talked me around into taking on the lease but I did insist this would be on the condition all artex was plastered over and coving removed.

As we started the renovations, the nasty realisation dawned on me that actually, our clinic was never going to be the sleek outfit I originally wanted. I actually quite liked the full length mirror and decided that would become part of my treatment room. The artex was covered in the treatment rooms and coving removed when they were plastered but we decided to keep it in the reception and corridors as it has given the place a bit of character.

We have tried to create a nice clean calm area in reception as ultimately, a patient who visits us and is in pain really does not want to be intimidated by clinical surroundings! It is our aim to make patients feel better, not more apprehensive before they reach the treatment room.

A lot of our furnishings have been upcycled. We have a lovely sideboard that has been painted grey to blend into the walls that was actually my husbands workbench that he was about to put into a skip! The floor tiles, desks and settee in reception were all purchased from somewhere that specialised in office renovations. Even our reception desk was preloved!

I am incredibly proud of how our clinic looks and how welcoming it feels. I am also incredibly glad that we didn't go down the clinical route.

This has got me thinking about Osteopathy in general. As an osteopath, when I treat a patient it is with the aim of improving function and making the very best of their tissues, muscles and joints etc. It is all about making someones body the very best it can be biomechanically. If a part of the body is injured, it is our aim to make other joints work optimally to take the load of off the injured area as well as helping with the injury more directly.

Osteopathy is all about making the very best of the body, making improvements here and there to make an overall better you. So there you have it - Osteopathy, the ultimate in upcycling!


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