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No Time For Exercise?

Personally, I have no time for a bad back!

I started an animal osteopathy course in September and as a result of this, I have started practicing on horses. Following a long weekend away on the course I experienced low back pain whilst treating a horse.

I was well aware that my fitness levels had been slowly plummeting over the past year but this was probably the first time I have ever had proper low back pain! I did some emergency stretching and decided to take matters into my own hands.

I was feeling a bit inundated with the amount of stuff I had going on. Both personally and professionally I was juggling and had that sinking feeling that if I was to take my eye off the ball, it could all come toppling down. Then I had a brainwave - a paper diary! I had one in my final year of university and that had worked quite well so a full day later (thanks to amazon) I was the proud owner of a academic diary.

Considering how busy I was, with the niggling back, a local osteopathic meeting to organise, regular stable visits to arrange and an academic paper to write, a whole week later I had an 'empty' diary. Yup - not a single word in it.

My back was aching again and as I sat there moping about it and how I didn't have time to exercise a thought occurred to me. I don't have time to have a bad back.

So I filled in the diary. I started with college dates, added important work dates and mini tasks up to each were factored in. Once this was done I decided that I needed to add in some kind of achievable exercise plan. Whist treating a horse, you tend to spend sustained amounts of times in a squat position so the first exercises I added were 15 body weight squats and push ups per day and I also added an old stretching warm up routine that takes around 10 mins which could be done independently of the other exercises. There were to be done every day of the week.

The following week, I increased the squats and push ups to 25, carried on the warm up routine and added 5 turkish get ups to either side with a light weight. The following week changed to 35 squats and push ups and I added some light weights to be performed during the working week.

I have kept up with it and I feel much stronger than I did a month ago. I am far more organised and actually you may not feel like you have time for exercise but seriously, who has time to have back pain all day?

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