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New Years Resolutions

It is now the 26th January and I thought I would share what my resolutions were for the New Year!

There were three:

  1. To decide for definite what course I wanted to do in September before the 14th January as I can be quite indecisive sometimes and annoy myself when I can not make a decision.

  2. To spend more time with my dog as I spend less time with her now the clinic is open. I was going to do this by getting up earlier and take her for an extra walk.

  3. To start an anti-inflammatory diet as my husband has Rheumatoid Arthritis and he was going to be changing his diet quite dramatically to try to reduce his joint pain.

I am pleased to report that having positive intentions has improved my life significantly. The diet has been great and combined with turmeric tea twice a day it has vastly altered the inflammation in my husbands joints and his pain has steadily reduced. We both feel much healthier and as an extra bonus we now plan our meals in advance which reduces cooking time if we are both working late and has reduced our shopping bill.

Well, the dog was a completely different story! I started getting up half an hour earlier in order to take Hettie for a nice walk before taking her to her weekday family. She is quite a lazy dog in the morning and was very reluctant to leave the house. After a full two weeks of trying, to Hetties obvious relief I stopped. With hindsight it was probably because it was freezing cold, pitch black and unusually quiet for her to be going out for a walk.

What I have found is that by spending so much time reasoning with her that it may be a good idea to go out, Hettie in turn has decided I'm a good person to spend time with in the morning as I give her lots of attention so it has proved inadvertently successful. 

As for making a decision, this I did within a week as I was now more focused on where I wanted to take my studies. I am starting a postgraduate course in Animal Osteopathy in September and another little bonus that has come with this is that although really want to treat dogs, the course covers horses too. I do not ride and am quite frankly a tiny bit scared by them. I decided the best way to overcome this was to begin riding lessons.

I had my first lesson two days ago and it was fantastic. Turns out I was fine with a horse and my initial fears were completely unfounded. 

I am not usually one for New Years resolutions but actually this year they have improved my life significantly so perhaps I may just make a couple more next year too....

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