• Lynn Peters

Embracing Change

At the start of 2017 I decided to bite the bullet and start an Animal Osteopathy course.

There were a couple available but I decided which one I wanted to do and then enquired to see if I could bypass the equine part of the course and just learn about canine osteopathy. I reasoned that I was not a 'horse' person and on the contrary, had a healthy fear of them. The course leader came back to me and explained that in order to treat a dog, I would need to learn on a horse first - it was a case of all or nothing.

I did go ahead. I started horse riding lessons at the start of last year. 3 months later (including a fall and an accidental jump) I was no longer afraid of horses and ready to start my course.

It occurred upon my first weekend that my fears were well founded as I did get a nip from a horse but over the course of five months I have had a complete turn around - far from being the worst part of my course, it has become the best.

I now really enjoy treating horses and feel my initial reservations were completely unfounded. Horses are gentle creatures and I feel quite privileged to be in a position were I can treat them. Oddly, I think I may prefer treating horses to dogs which is something I would never have foreseen.

We often feel that we do not like things or wouldn't enjoy them. Things such as exercise or a change in our diets. Change is not a punishment and just because you do things a particular way does not necessarily mean that you would not enjoy dong things differently. 

If you have mainly ready meals, why not try cooking more? You could plan your meals ahead, order the ingredients online for the week. If you went for easy to cook meals that were quick to prepare it may be that you start enjoying your meals more. Eating should not be a chore and sitting down at the dining table helps with digestion. It can also be more sociable if you have family or friends to eat with.

Getting fitter may sound overwhelming but again, going for a walk at lunchtime or after dinner is quite pleasant. Escaping the office can be refreshing and helps to break the day up a bit. A good start would be to join a pilates class that is easy for you to get to. 

Any changes will soon become routine if you stick to them and you will find any further changes easier to make. It is easier if you have a goal. I started my Animal Osteopathy course as I wanted to treat dogs. The thing is with your goals, they are allowed to change as you do. I would still like to treat dogs but now I would like to go to stables on one or two days a week to treat horses too.

Embrace the change - shake it all up a bit!

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