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Lets face it - most of us really do not like change! We are set in a routine of how we do things due to previous experiences.

Yesterday we had a problem with the host for our website. It is our first major blip we have had and the easy solution would have been to reduce our expectations of the company involved and accept their solution for the problem. The problem was that there was no immediate solution and as a business this was not ideal.

My sons reaction to the situation was to change things. The set up we had was good until we had the problem but finding a better web package was his answer to the problem. He researched and found an immediate solution and then set about the longer term issues of changing our website over and ensuring everything was in place before changing hosts completely.

I personally am uncomfortable with change as, like most people, I do generally have high expectations in both my business and personal life. The problem is when something fails to reach the required standard.

Change is important. Not all changes are good but they tend to be the ones that are forced upon us or made in haste. Sometimes we put up with situations through fear of change and this is where I was yesterday!

The first thing we should be aware of is if our expectations are reasonable. If we want to change how we are, such as our fitness, we need to aim to become more active and not have a goal that may not be achievable such as swim the channel.

We also need to remember that change is a possibility. Sometimes it simply does not occur to us that change could happen at any time - good or bad - and as oppose to fighting it or becoming upset realising things are changing and acceptance of this can be liberating.

Change helps us to grow as a person. Knowing that you can adapt to changes around you makes you a stronger person. As an Osteopath I see patients whose lives have been dramatically changed by accidents, mental health problems and long term conditions just to mention a few.

What a lot of patients have in common is that they want change. They want to be able to live life again without their pain or injury being their main focus of attention.

Taking this journey with a patient is an amazing experience. To see a patient for a first appointment in a low mood and angry with how their lives have changed due to pain through to seeing the same patient achieve what they initially set out to do is fantastic. Some patients have goals of running a marathon, others of walking up the stairs. Whatever your goal taking the first step towards change will be the hardest but, very possibly, the most rewarding.

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