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We're Oakingtons, an Osteopathic clinic focused on treating health problems in a comfortable, relaxed environment.
Lynn, Principal Osteopath

What to expect when you arrive

We've designed our clinic to make you feel at home. Our team

will help you understand your treatment so you can make informed choices.

Sit down in a relaxed environment with a refreshing bevarage

Complete your admission paperwork

Your practitioner will collect you at the time of your appointment

We'll go through your symptoms to work with you to decide on a treatment plan

Your treatment begins on the very first session

It took a few sessions and some exercises between each session... Now my shoulder has full movement and is pain free.
Oakingtons Osteopathic Clinic Tour

Take a look around

We're proud of our clinic. We'll treat you in a relaxed, private room where a member of our team will take time to understand your condition.
The whole atmosphere is relaxing and friendly, which helps to put you at your ease.

Common problems

We see a range of different problems, symptoms, and issues. We've got resources to help you understand whether you need to come in and see us.

Went in with terrible back pain... 3 sessions later I feel like a new person.
Having hobbled into the clinic, I was upright and relatively pain free two days later.

Oakingtons Osteopathic Clinic


1 Longstanton Road, Oakington (7.27 km)
CB24 3BB Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Opening Hours

Tel: 07967 270252

Email: info@oakingtons.com

Messenger: m.me/Oakingtons